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Nigel Nettheim, koala, Yasuhiro Nakanish Nigel Nettheim (L), koala (C), Yasuhiro Nakanishi, Pachmann enthusiast visiting from Japan (R), Sydney, 11 June 2009.
Nettheim, Behlul Turkey Behlül Satilmis, tour guide (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), Turkey, October 2003.
Nigel and Dawn, Hampshire My wife Dawn Nettheim (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), Petersfield, Hampshire, UK, September 2003.
Chessplayers Afternoon tea with chessplayers: Nigel Nettheim, Frank Hutchings, Diana Purdy/Hutchings, Cathy Rogers, Ian Rogers (L-R), Cheltenham, Sydney, 15 May 2003.
Repp, Nettheim Bruno Repp, music psychologist (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), Lane Cove National Park, Sydney, 2002.
Blickstein, Dubal, Nettheim Edward Blickstein, the great Pachmann expert (L); David Dubal, author and professor at the Juilliard School of Music (C); Nigel Nettheim (R), New York, 24 October 2000.
Nettheim, Dolin Nigel Nettheim (L), Dr. Samuel Dolin, department of music theory and composition (R), Royal Conservatory of Music, Toronto, 1997.
Rosen, Nettheim Charles Rosen, musicologist and pianist (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), New York, 1997.
Carnegie Hall: Nettheim McKelvie Dawn Graham Repp Dinner at Carnegie Hall: Nigel Nettheim (L), Neil McKelvie (Chemistry professor), Dawn Nettheim, John Graham (Astronomer), Bruno Repp (Psychologist), New York, 1997.
Newbould, Nettheim Professor Brian Newbould, Schubert authority (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), Leeds, 1997.
Nettheim, Dubal Nigel Nettheim (L), David Dubal, author and professor at the Juilliard School of Music (R), New York, 1997.
Schaffrath, Nettheim Professor Dr. Helmut Schaffrath of the University of Essen, pioneer of computers in musicology (L), Nigel Nettheim (R), Sydney, 1991.
Nettheim at 6-6 keyboard Nigel Nettheim playing a "six-six" keyboard, Sydney, 1983.

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