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Revised 27 March 2016

Index of documents (articles, reviews, book excerpts, programs, etc.) on this site by and about the famous pianist
Vladimir de Pachmann (1848-1933)

©Nigel Nettheim (2000, 2015)

Please click on the year to read the material on-line. Much of this material is quite hard to obtain elsewhere, one reason why I am making it available here; more material is in preparation.
I draw particular attention to the two 1911 Etude articles (October & November), the most inspiring words by a master pianist that I have ever read. For his wife's explanation of his personal idiosyncrasies ("he was, with all his genius, a child") see her 1933 article, partly reproduced in 1935. For an important biographical article, very difficult to obtain before this web publication, see the material by Pallottelli, 1916 and 1933.