More than one of these elegant pieces have been made popular chiefly through the interpretations given at various Concerts by the well-known pianist whose name now appears as Editor. Two numbers have been selected from the Opus 2 of the Composer–namely, No. 6, having for motto "Si oiseau j'ètais [j'étais], à toi je volerais," and No. 11, "Dors tu, ma vie.[Dors-tu, ma vie?]" From Opus 3, we have the "Poëme [Poème] d'Amour," a charming piece of expressive music in B major; from Opus 5, the tenth study "Entschwundenes Glück," a piece in which delicate and accurate playing with the left hand is a desideratum. The "Toccatina" (Op. 25), the Quatrième Impromptu (Op. 37), and the "Wiegenlied" (Op. 45), complete the selection. There is happily no need to expatiate upon the beauty of the music, its value has been already long assessed in the minds of musicians. All that is now necessary is to call attention to the work done by the editor. This is, as might be expected, skilful and artistic. The passages have been carefully fingered so that the phrasing is clear and intelligible. The pages are beautifully printed, and the whole edition is most valuable and will doubtless prove acceptable.