From: Donald E Manildi <dm137@u...>
Date: Fri Apr 4, 2003 6:03 am
Subject: Re: [Pianophiles] Vladimir de Pachmann - "A Piano Virtuoso's Life and Art"

The book is a disgrace. It is rambling, poorly organized, error-ridden, and draws heavily, without proper credit, upon an unpublished Pachmann biography by Ed Blickstein--a fact which will shortly become very evident when Blickstein's text is mounted on a web site; watch Pianophiles [and this present site—NN] for an announcement. Gregor Benko, who is involved in the latter effort, may have a more detailed response of his own on this matter. As with Mitchell's unbelievably poor earlier "Virtuosi" book, he cannot resist carrying a totally irrelevant gay agenda into the book. And while the Evans discography adequately covers Pachmann's original 78 rpm discs, it chooses not to give any details of more accessible reissues (whether LP or CD)--except for Allan's own Arbiter CD.

D. Manildi

Robert McAlear wrote:
Has anyone read the new book about de Pachmann by Mark Mitchell -- "A Piano Virtuoso's Life and Art"? Comments? Reviews? It was published by Indiana University Press last year, and includes a repertoire listing, photos, and a discography (by Allan Evans).
Robert McAlear