The book is provided HERE as a pdf file which I have scanned in. The extensive references to Pachmann in the book are my reason for including it in my collection of Pachmann items. A potentially specially interesting part of the book is introduced on page 73:

"A relative of mine kept an edition of Chopin's works in which she noted many of the points in renderings by authentic interpreters. I myself took up the idea and continured it until, in my opinion, there were no further Chopin players to be noted. The list of notes is mainly devoted to performances by Xaver Scharwenka, Moriz Moszkowski, Ignaz Jan Paderewski, Leopold Godowsky, Moriz Rosenthal, Eugen d'Albert, Sergei Rachmaninoff, and, of course, Vladimir de Pachmann, together with a few later notes on Jan Smeterlin. Other pianists were noted from time to time, including the excellent pedagogue, Alfred Cortôt, but they do not affect the carrying on of the closer Chopin traditions.
    I found also some notes concerning earlier pianists, but these were apparently made from hearsay, and although of interest, do not always fasten [p.74:] closely upon particulars of renderings. The artists mentioned include Henri Herz (1806-1888), a brilliant player and obviously highly regarded teacher; Jakob Rosenhain (1813-1894), a prominent virtuoso who had known Cramer and who lived much of his time in Paris; and also some students who had apparently studied in Germany. I found, too, odd references to Sigismund Thalberg (1812-1871), celebrated for his cantabile and bravura playing, but he was often concerned with merely exhibiting his powers. Hans von Bulow and Anton Rubinstein are mentioned. Although their lives ran parallel (1830-1894), their styles differed, the one being intellectual to a point of dryness and the other sometimes being considered too passionate.
. . ."

On the question of copyright, my copy has "SP" on the spine, apparently indicating Scholarly Press, 1976, but no publisher or copyright is stated in that book. That book might well be a photographic reproduction, for which copyright was not renewed from the original of 1935. Other editions, possibly also photographic reproductions, may also have appeared. Despite diligent attempts, I have not been able to reach any publisher. If anyone can establish copyright and contacts me (via my home page), I will gladly remove the scanned pdf file if required.