Par 1 The reporter asked Mr. Vladimir de Pachmann where and how he had passed the summer.
Par 2 "In the Catskills, at a little place in the backwoods. Did I play? Not very much; it was too hot. All your America is very hot in summer, I think. But I had a Steinway Grand, and how could I help play with such an instrument in the room? (He paused to run his fingers up and down an imaginary keyboard, his head on one side, his eyes half closed, in ecstatic reminiscence of those summer hours of practice in the backwoods.) Ah, the Steinway. What a piano! Write this down: It is divine; it is the finest in the world—I could not leave it. I can remember the pianos of 25 years ago; but what a development since. There is nothing so beautiful in touch, so beautiful in tone. Ach! that touch and tone. Mozart and Beethoven, could they hear their compositions performed on a modern piano, would not know them for theirs. The tears would flow from their eyes and run down their cheeks, to hear them."—From an interview published in Worcester Spy, September 28th, 1899.