Pachmann Enthusiasm in Nottingham.

Par 1 If the first of this season's International Celebrity Concerts in Nottingham, held last night in the Albert Hall, had offered nothing more than M. Vladimir de Pachmann, it would have constituted a potent attraction. But with the eminent veteran pianist there were associated such famous artists as Miss Florence Austral, Madame Marguerite d'Alvarez, Mr. Tom Burke, and Mr. John Amadio, so that the occasion was a notable one.
Par 2 Pachmann, who is stated to be definitely making his farewell appearances, closed the programme, with two groups selected from the works of Chopin, as an exponent of whom the great little man has always been acknowledged to be supreme. Even now, with some of the old fire gone, he is supreme in his interpretation of the Chopin idiom, and his hearers last night listened entranced as he realised for them the deep romance, the ethereal delicacy, and the sparkle of the music.
Par 3 As ever, Pachmann derived as much enjoyment from his performance as did the audience, and those in the vicinity of the piano had the full benefit of his confidences, and his commentaries. There were, of course, a number of extras, in the matter of which M. de Pachmann is always complaisant, and he was rapturously cheered and applauded.
[The remaining paragraphs deal with the other artists taking part in this concert.]