PACHMANN, Vladimir de. Russ. pianist; b. Odessa, 27 July, 1848. First stud. under his father (prof. of Roman law at Vienna Univ. amateur violinist and author of a manual on harmony); then pf. and theory under Dachs and Bruckner at Vienna Cons. Début Odessa 1869; toured Russia that year; then withdrew himself for 8 years' further study, appearing at Leipzig and Berlin, withdrawing himself again for yet another 2 years. Then appeared in Vienna, Paris and London (1882) and in U.S.A. 1892. Has toured continuously since then. Order of Danebrog from King of Denmark, 1885; R. Philh. Soc. Medal, London, 1916. Married Eng. [Australian] pianist, Maggie Oakey [Okey], 1884, since divorced. His fame is due chiefly to his playing of Chopin's music, which is transfigured under his fingers by his exceptional temperament and unbridled individuality. His mastery of nuance in soft playing is unrivalled.—E.-H.