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[These anecdotes appeared in Theatrical and Musical Memoirs by Rudolph Aronson (1856-1919), Philadelphia: Curtis Publishing Company, 1912, pages 182-183 from chapter 12 "More Recollections". This web version is dated 10 July 2014.]

Theatrical and Musical Memoirs

by Rudolph Aronson

Par 1 p.182 In the early nineties, while supping with Mr. N. Vert, the well known concert manager, and my elder brother Joe at the Gambrinus, a German restaurant in London, my attention was attracted to a table not far distant, at which were seated four pianists. I went over and greeted them, saying: "It is indeed a rare treat to have the pleasure of greeting four so distinguished pianists." One of them replied rather sharply: "I beg your pardon, there are only two distinguished pianists present." I was taken back, because the quartette comprised Moriz Rosenthal, Mark Hamburg, Leopold Godowsky and Vladimir de Pachmann. Returning to my seat, I informed Mr. Vert of the occurrence, who at once p.183 said de Pachmann was the guilty offender and that his distinguished preference was Godowsky.

Par 2 When, afterwards, I met de Pachmann in New York during one of his concert tours, I said to him: "Doctor, of course Chopin is your favorite composer" (de Pachmann being recognized the world over as a Chopin interpreter par excellence), but to my astonishment he replied emphatically: "I hate, I detest Chopin! My favorites are Beethoven, Schumann and Mendelssohn!"