For generations the appearance of new stars on the musical firmament has been announced—then they came with a temporary glitter—soon to fade and to be forgotten.
    De Pachmann has outlived them all. With each return he won additional resplendence and to-day he is acknowledged by the truly artistic public to be the greatest exponent of the piano of the twentieth century. As Arthur Symons, the eminent British critic, says:
    "Pachmann is the Verlaine or Whistler of the Pianoforte . . . . . . the greatest player of the piano now living."
    Pachmann, as before, uses the BALDWIN PIANO for the expression of his magic art, the instrument of which he himself says:
    " . . . . It cries when I feel like crying, it sings joyfully when I feel like singing. It responds—like a human being—to every mood. I love the Baldwin Piano."
    Every lover of the highest type of piano music will, of course, go to hear Pachmann—to revel in the beauty of his music and to marvel at it.
    It is the beautiful tone quality, the voice which is music itself, and the wonderfully responsive action of the Baldwin Piano, by which Pachmann's miraculous hands reveal to you the thrill, the terror and the ecstasy of a beauty which you had never dreamed was hidden in sounds.
The Baldwin Company
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