DE PACHMANN was born at Odessa, Russia, July 27, 1848. His father was a Professor at the University and had considerable reputation as an amateur violinist. He had, when in Vienna, been on friendly terms with Beethoven and Weber. Vladimir studied under his father until he was eighteen, when he went to the Conservatory of Vienna. He studied under Professor Dachs. He obtained the gold medal in 1869, and returned to Russia where he made his debut. He was very successful, but was not himself satisfied with his own work. He retired for a further period of study, which lasted eight years. De Pachmann then appeared with great success in Berlin and Leipsic and elsewhere, but still felt he had more to learn. He accordingly gave up two more years to study. He then gave three concerts in Vienna, three in Paris, and made his London debut. In these he was brilliantly successful, and at last satisfied his own exacting demands. His success was maintained in America, and de Pachmann is still one of the most popular pianists of the day. His taste in music is eclectic, but his name has come to be closely identified with the works of Chopin. His genius is somewhat marred by his eccentricities. He is somewhat given to making remarks as to the excellence of his playing while performing, and to commenting audibly on the heated condition of the concert room, and such like matters, but in spite of his weaknesses, and often amusing vanities, he possesses a wonderfuly poetic nature.