Par 1 April 15 Vladimir de Pachmann as a spectacle has always had an interest aside from Vladimir de Pachmann as a pianist. Yesterday afternoon at his recital in Carnegie Hall half the audience was armed with opera glasses, which made it possible to view the grimaces and antics of the performer at near range. Those who went to see Mr. de Pachmann make faces were not disappointed.
Par 2 Those who went to hear him play might have had cause to find fault. His tone, as it always has been, was of a beautiful quality, and the delicacy of his playing, the shades of his pianissimos, exquisite. But it has always pleased Mr. de Pachmann to distort the compositions he performs.
Par 3 Yesterday he played what was called on the program Beethoven's Sonata in C major, Opus 53. To those who had heard this sonata before, the music coming from under the pianist's fingers must have sounded like a novelty. In fact, Mr. de Pachmann almost composed a new andante movement out of the rondo.
Par 4 On the other hand, nothing could have been more beautiful than his playing of the G sharp minor etude of Chopin.
Par 5 It is to be regretted that dignity and thought have no place in Mr. de Pachmann's playing, which has so many other elements which combine to make enjoyment. The concert yesterday was announced as the "last New York recital."