Par 1 How can I choose my favourite piece? C'est impossible! It is out of the question! It is a monstrous proposition! For I love all music, and I play all music equally well. Chopin? Yes, it is beautiful; but I will not choose Chopin because it annoys me so that the public seems invariably to associate me with the music of that master, as though I could not play all masters. Ah, how can I choose? My mind wanders from one piece to another, like a bee that flits from flower to flower and gathers honey from each. As I think of the exquisite music of Weber I am on the point of selecting some piece of his, when suddenly in my ear there comes the sound of some of Strauss's charming waltzes. Think of it; five different waltzes embodied in one, and all played at the same time! No one but myself can play it!
Par 2 Yet perhaps I love best of all the arrangements of Godowsky — every one superb, magnifique, colossal! I will not choose any one of them, for I love and admire them all, but I will merely select as my favourites the unique arrangements of my friend, the great Godowsky.