Par 1 In spite of all the troubles taken, it has unfortunately been impossible to learn very much concerning Pachmann. His artistic career belongs completely to modern times, and like his countryman, Paderewski, is therefore proportionally a short one, and the critics up to the present have had to content themselves with writing about the success of his playing, no autobiography of him having been published. [Pachmann was born in the Ukraine, formerly Russia, Paderewski in Poland, so they were not countrymen by birth.] It is well known that his first appearance in public was not that of a finished pianist, unlike Pallas Athene rising in perfection from the head of Zeus; but his performances at important concerts, for instance in Berlin and London, must be mentioned as p. 250 being of great consequence and his talent as a pianist very much appreciated.
Par 2 As he was born in Russia, he studied there during his youth, and has a great name in that country, especially in Moscow. There is no doubt that he is an excellent pianist, and concert agents experience no difficulty in procuring him good engagements in the very best society.