London Music, page 199, 19th August 1889:

[At Her Majesty's] M. Vladimir de Pachmann gave his well-known pantomimic performance, with accompaniments by Chopin, a composer whose music I could listen to M. de Pachmann playing forever if the works were first carefully removed from the pianoforte.

London Music, pages 204, 205, 24th August 1889:

[At her Majesty's] M. de Pachmann also played very prettily . . . Among the announcements for this evening is . . . Senor Albeniz takes the place of Mr de Pachmann as solo pianist.

Music in London, Vol II page 168, 19th October 1892:

[At the Crystal Palace] Vladimir de Pachmann, pianist and pantomimist, played Beethoven's third concerto and some Chopin, including a juvenile scherzo which nobody wanted to hear at full length at five o'clock in the afternoon. De Pachmann is unquestionably a very able pianist, and by no means an insincere one; but now that I have seen, in La Statue du Commandeur, a lady sing a song in dumb show, I want to see a pianoforte concerto played in the same way; and I think there can be no doubt that de Pachmann is the player for that feat.

Music in London, Vol III page 4, 7th June 1893:

She [Adelina Patti] was assisted by [among other artists] Madame [Marguerite] de Pachmann, whose talent was thrown away in the Albert Hall, where a pianoforte is worse than useless . . .