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[These announcements appeared in the newspaper Weekly Dispatch, London, Sunday 3 January 1886 page 5 and Sunday 7 February 1886 page 8 respectively. This web version is dated 22 April 2003.]


I append here a list of the principal fixtures for the coming year, so far as it is possible to speak of them at present. . . .
The Crystal Palace concerts will be resumed on February 13, and the arrangements for the spring series are of exceptional interest. Among the principal attractions will be . . . a concert of Liszt's music, at which the venerable composer will be present; and the engagements of Herr Joachim, M. De Pachmann, and Signor Bottesini. . . .
M. De Pachmann will give two more recitals on [Tuesdays] February 2 and 23 [1886].

Wednesday Next.—Evening Ballad Concert.
St. James's Hall, [10 February, 1886] at Eight o'clock.

Artists:—Miss Mary Davies and Madame Antoinette Trebelli, Madame Antoinette Sterling and Miss Eleanor Rees; Mr. Redfern Hollins, Mr. Santley, and Mr. Maybrick. Pianoforte, M. Vladimir De Pachmann; Contra-bass, Signor Bottesini, Mr. Venables's Choir, Conductor, Mr. Sidley Naylor.
Stalls, 7s. 6d.; Balcony, 8s.; Area, 4s. and 2s.; Orchestra and Gallery, 1s. Family Tickets, to admit four to Stalls, price 25s. Tickets to be had of Austin, St. James's Hall, the usual Agents, and Boosey and Co., 295 Regent-street.