M. Vladimir de Pachmann gave the first of two pianoforte recitals announced by him at St. James's-hall yesterday afternoon, when his popularity, unequalled at this moment by that of any other artist, was proved by the crowded state of the hall and the warm applause which followed after every piece of the long and interesting programme. The only novelty of the concert was a graceful nocturne by Herr F. [Franz] Leideritz, dedicated to M. de Pachmann, and played by him in masterly style. As is usual on such occasions, the list of works performed comprised specimens of many schools, Schumann being represented by his "Carneval" op. 9, Rubinstein by the Barcarolle in G, and Brahms by the Cappricio (op. 76, No. 2). M. de Pachmann was most successful in dealing with his favourite composers, Chopin and Henselt, but throughout his performance he evinced artistic correctness and technical skill of the highest order.