Maryla JONAS

Maryla Jonas, standing left of piano

Par 1 "If you see Maryla Jonas advertised in your neck of the woods, I suggest you get your tickets early."
Billy Rose in New York Herald Tribune, December 15, 1948, and syndicated column in papers from coast to coast.
Par 2 Maryla Jonas is not only "a thrilling return to romantic pianism," as critics have written, but a thrilling return to the gigantic pianistic personalities of yore, personalities who made news at every turn because they were also amazing people as well as amazing artists.
Par 3 To describe Maryla Jonas, writers and critics have had to go back to Paderewski, de Pachmann, Rosenthal and Teresa Carreno. Nothing could be better proof of the magical reality of Maryla Jonas. And nothing could be more proof than the numerous angles from which she has been discussed and the many writers who have paid her homage. To all the others, now add Billy Rose, whose recent story on Miss Jonas in his widely syndicated column is the most amazing tribute ever paid a "long-haired musician."* (*Write for copy.)

And in Her Fourth Carnegie Hall Recital in Three Seasons —

Par 4 "Jonas Receives Ovations" (headline)
"Welcomed by an audience which she roused to ovations after each of her many offerings. They boasted qualities which Miss Jonas possesses to an almost unique degree. Among them, a velvetiness of tone, laciness in passage work, spontaneous lyricism and imagination for dynamic contrasts, which may be said to be quite her own and not easily matched among pianists of the time."
— Noel Straus, New York Times, December 12, 1948

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