Maryla JONAS

Maryla Jonas, face only

Par 1 Now on her second tour of the U. S. and Canada (she returns to the West coast in May for the second time this season), Miss Jonas continues to receive the kind of acclaim from press and public which made her nationally famous overnight just two seasons ago.
Par 2 As Olin Downes of the New York Times said when he first heard her: "A poet and master of her instrument. She has few equals as an interpreter among the leading pianist of the day."
Par 3 And Virgil Thomson of the New York Herald Tribune: "She is everything the reviewers said of her last Spring — a solo pianist of the first category in any meaning of that term."

Now Read Miss Jonas' Most Recent Reviews

Par 4 "A new Polish genius of the piano was in our midst last night. How she did make that instrument sing!"
Shreveport, La., Journal, October 25, 1947
Par 5 PIANO TO NEW HEGHTS (Headline)
"She restored the piano to its proper position as a musical instrument."
Kansas City Times, October 29, 1947
Par 6 "The Schubert Club provided its patrons with a sensation in the piano recital of Maryla Jonas."
St. Paul Pioneer Press, November 18, 1947
"She played with the touch of genius. She interprests music with a strength of intellect and lyrical conception projected only by the great. She was called back again and again by an audience that recognized it was marking a milestone in Seattle's concert history."
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 21, 1947
Par 8 "She fired the enthusiasm of the big crowd as no other pianist has done in years."
Seattle Tines, November 21, 1947
Par 9 "A magnificent performance that thrilled the capacity audience. She is without question one of the great pianists of the day."
Spokane Chronicle, December 5, 1947
Par 10 "Maryla Jonas is a thrilling return to romantic pianism. She has a spirit of grandeur and delicacy, a musical imagination of infinite grace and variety. Music of this quality is heard only a few times in a generation."
Houston Post, February 7, 1948


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