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Index of material on this site about the interesting pianist
Maryla Jonas (1911-1959)

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Much of this material is quite hard to obtain elsewhere, one reason why I am making it available here.
Items marked "Barcik collection" were very kindly provided by Edward Barcik, who had access to part of the estate of Maryla Jonas's childless sister Berta Holin.
The best article to read first is probably the 1947 Taubman one.
A nice long article by Christopher Howell, referring to this website, appears here:
Contributions of more material would be welcome.

Year Title Description Source First uploaded Revised upload
1932 Photo of one of Maryla Jonas's relations, and dedication. Scanned photo and dedication. Barcik collection 2013/01/14
1940 Two photos taken by Jonas's friend Nicolas Alagemovits, and a Review. Scanned photos and scnned review. Nathalia Lange Hartwig on the Facebook page "The Piano Files with Mark Ainley" 2020/01/07
1940-1943 Recital programs in Rio de Janiero Lists of works played. César Dillon 2011/02/01
1942a Several recital progams, Buenos Aires, 1942. Details from local newspapers. César Dillon 2012/01/10
1942b Recital program in Buenos Aires, 10 August 1942. Scanned program. César Dillon 2011/02/01
1942-1943 etc. Various recital programs and reviews. Scanned programs and reviews. Barcik collection 2013/01/13 2015/04/19
1943 (etc?) Photos and cuttings from South America. Scanned photos and cuttings. Barcik collection 2013/01/18
1945 etc. Photos and letter. Photos and letter. Barcik collection 2013/01/13
1946a Recital announcement. Her first New York recital. 2001/09/08 2001/12/24
1946b "Touchdown". Link to article in Time Magazine, 8 April 1946. WWW 2007/05/10
1946c Silhouettes, June 1946. By Mary Craig, Musical Courier. Barcik collection 2012/03/06
1946d Advertisement with Review. Review by Olin Downes in the New York Times. Cindy Ostrowski 2004/12/26
1946e "She Shall Make Music", article in Newsweek. As if a much abbreviated version of the 1947 Taubman article. 2004/09/21
1946f "Maryla Jonas, Pianist, In Debut Recording". Record Review, Hartford Times, 1946. Alexander Tsertsvadze 2007/04/27
1946g "Maryla Jonas, Pianist, Displays Artistry in Local Debut". Review from Philadelphia by Max de Schauensee. 2005/02/21
1946h UN Presentation. Maryla Jonas at the Presentation of a Musical Album to the United Nations. Barcik collection 2012/02/19 2012/03/11
1946i(?) Article in Spanish. Reports her recent success in the US. Barcik collection 2012/02/26
1946j Three items, 1946. Invitation to recital; photo; ticket to dinner Barcik collection 2012/05/13
1946k Program, New York 13 October 1946. At Carnegie Hall. Barcik collection 2012/02/26
1947a "The Basic Purpose of Music Teaching", interview with The Etude magazine. Long editorial introduction; fairly short remarks by Jonas on teaching. 2002/12/04
1947b "Lady Who Has Lived", by Howard Taubman in Liberty magazine. An amazing story. 2001/06/30 2001/12/24
1948a Advertisement in Musical America. Review excerpts. 2003/11/30
1948b Record Review by Howard Taubman. New York Times, 9 May 1948. Barcik collection 2012/03/04
1948c "Polish-Born Pianist Sends Them With Chopin". Article in The Daily Tmes Herald, Dallas, 28 October 1948. Barcik collection 2012/02/26
1948d(?) Flyer. 6 pages of pictures and reviews. Barcik collection 2012/01/12 2017/05/11
1948e Three newspaper articles by Billy Rose. The material in all three articles is the same. 15 December 1948. Barcik collection 2012/03/04
1949a Recital Review. By Audrey St.D. Johnson, Vancouver. Barcik collection 2012/03/04
1949b Recital Review. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Barcik collection 2012/03/04
1949c Advertisement in Musical America. Review excerpt. 2003/11/30
1949d "Maryla Jonas", by Gdal Saleski. Similar to the 1947 Howard Taubman article, but shorter. Book owned by NN 2001/09/08 2001/12/24
1949e Record review, November 1949. By Howard Taubman, New York Times(?). Barcik collection 2012/03/06
1950a "Melody Recaptured" by Ann M. Lingg. Apparently derived, with considerable freedom, from the 1947 Taubman article or the 1949 Saleski one. Book owned by NN 2002/07/27 2003/05/23
1950b Recital Program, Carnegie Hall, 4 February 1950, autographed. A New York recital. Program owned by NN 2001/09/08 2003/11/30
1950c Announcement and Recital Program, 17 February 1950. An Ann Arbor recital. Alex Tsertsvadze & UMS 2011/09/08
1950d "New Records". A review of a recording of Chopin mazurkas. Kel Watson 2001/12/24
1950e Record Review. New York World-Telegram, 22 April 1950. Barcik collection 2012/02/02
1950f Reviews, California. 8 and 11 March 1950. Barcik collection 2012/02/26
1951a Recital Program, Carnegie Hall, 27 January 1951. Recital in which Jonas fainted. Program owned by NN 2005/01/19
1951b "Miss Jonas Faints at Recital Here", by R.P. Review in a New York newspaper. 2005/01/19
1955 Excerpt on her recordings. Two sentences only. Book owned by NN 2006/02/27
1956a Recital Program, Carnegie Hall, 1 December 1956. Her last New York recital. James Cohn 2001/09/08 2001/12/24
1956b "Recital offered by Maryla Jonas", by Edward Downes. Review in the New York Times. James Cohn 2001/09/07 2001/12/24
1956c "Maryla Jonas Returns in Carnegie Hall Recital". Review in the New York Herald Tribune. James Cohn 2001/09/07 2001/12/24
1958 Letter from Julio Aparicio to Maryla Jonas. Letter. Barcik collection 2012/02/01
1959a Correspondence with UNISOMI. Letter and reply. Barcik collection 2012/01/12
1959b Obituary from the New York Times. 9 short paragraphs James Cohn 2001/09/07 2001/12/24
1959c Obituary from the New York Herald Tribune. 12 short paragraphs James Cohn 2001/09/07 2001/12/24
Undated List of admirers. List of some of her admirers. Barcik collection 2012/02/19
Undated Photos with a friend. Photos taken for Look Magazine. Unidentified friend. Barcik collection 2012/02/19
Undated (1950's?) Photo of reception. Unidentified companions. Barcik collection 2012/02/02
Undated Photos at the piano in New York. At home? Barcik collection 2012/02/24
Undated Autographed photo. Undated autographed photo. Barcik collection 2012/01/12
Undated Photo at reception. Undated photo at reception. Barcik collection 2012/02/02
Undated Photo in armchair, smoking. Undated. Barcik collection 2012/02/01
Undated Newspaper article. Source? Barcik collection 2012/03/05
Undated Photo with a friend. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/18
Undated Photo with a cigarette-holder. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/18
Undated Photo at the end of a concert. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/18
Undated Photo at the piano. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/01
Undated Photo at the piano. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/01
Undated Photo, head only. Source? Barcik collection 2012/04/01
Undated "Maryla Jonas Goes Visiting", article. Source? Barcik collection 2012/05/10
Undated Maryla Jonas receives American citizenship. Photo and announcement Barcik collection 2012/05/13
Undated Five photos. Scanned photos. Barcik collection 2013/01/14
Undated Five photos, two clippings. Scanned photos and newspaper clippings. Barcik collection 2013/01/14
Undated Five photos at piano, one with her sister Berta Holin. Scanned photos. Barcik collection 2013/01/17
Undated Photo of Maryla Jonas with 8 others. Scanned photos. Barcik collection 2013/01/17
Undated (1946 or 1947) "Toasting the Bride". Scanned photo from printed page. Barcik collection 2013/01/17
Undated (1950's) Interview in Sunday World-Herald Magazine. Scanned magazine page. Barcik collection 2013/01/17
2001-2021 A DISCOGRAPHY OF MARYLA JONAS, by Nigel Nettheim. DISCOGRAPHY Compiled by NN 2001/09/10 2021/02/05
2007 Link to article on Maryla Jonas in Wikipedia. Perhaps not entirely accurate (not written by NN). WWW 2007/05/10

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