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[A copy of this program was kindly supplied to me by César Dillon of Buenos Aires.
A translated transcription (excluding the advertisements) is provided below, to enable text searching.
This web version is dated 1 February 2011.]

Maryla Jonas Recital Program, Buenos Aires, 1942

Maryla Jonas 1942 Program Outside

Maryla Jonas 1942 Program Inside

Wagnerian Association
of Buenos Aires
Santa Fe 1145 - U. T. 41 - Plaza 6296
Piano Recital
Maryla Jonas
Monday 10th August
at 9:30 pm
in the
National Comedy Theatre
Presented by the National Cultural Commission
[At the corner of] Córdoba and Libertad, Buenos Aires.
Sonata in C major, Galuppi
Toccata in D major, Bach - Petri
Scenes from Childhood, op. 15, Schumann
Rondo in E-flat major, op. 16, Chopin
2 Mazurkas, Chopin
2 Waltzes, Chopin
3 Ecossaises, Chopin
Polonaise, Zarembski

Steinway piano from the house of Celestino Fernandez
To attend this recital it is necessary to present the Carnet de Julio