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[This material was kindly provided by Nathalia Lange Hartwig, a doctoral student in musicology at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. She posted this material on the Facebook page "The Piano Files with Mark Ainley" on 27 December 2020. Note the signature of Nicolas on the photos. Hartwig's post followed a contribution by Alexandre Dias identifying the composer of the "Music Box" in G, which Jonas recorded, as Nicolas Alagemovits. The Review was published in Correio da Manha, 2 July 1940, page 5.

This web version is dated 7 January 2021.]

Photos by Nicolas Alagemovits, and Review, 1940

The second-last paragraph of the review reads:
Dois extras deliciosos: uma das "Romances sans parole", de Mendelssohn, e a "Caixinha de Musica", de Nicolas.
Two delicious encores: one of the "Songs without Words" by Mendelssohn, and a "Music Box" by Nicolas.