Nettheim, Nigel
Hamilton, Douglas

Correspondence Match
Sydney & Melbourne, AUS, 1958

This is one of a pair of practice games organized by the Correspondence Chess League of Australia. The win was a great pleasure for White, especially as Black was soon to win the first of his record-equalling four (cross-board) Australian Championship titles. Notes in ordinary font by NN. Notes in blue from Rolf Schwarz, Handbuch der Schach-Eröffnungen Band 26: Skandinavisch, Jugoslawisch, Hamburg, Das Schach-Archiv, 1969, pages 194-195, translated by NN. Notes in brown from J. B. Howson, 200 Modern Chess Traps in the Fiancetto Openings, NY, A. S. Barnes, 1970, page 150.

1. e4 d6 2. d4 Nf6 3. Nc3 g6 4. Bg5 Bg7 No absolute refutation of this line exists, but White certainly wins many fine games against it! 5. f4 O-O 6. e5 Ne8 7. Nf3 Nd7 If any improvement is possible for Black, it will have to be on the seventh move. After the text, White's juggernaut KRP gets into his unstoppable stride. 8. h4! This bold attack gives up the B on g5, to begin with. 8. Bc4 had been customary. 8... h6 9. h5 hxg5 Diese Stellung ist günstig für Weiss. This position is favourable for White. 10. Nxg5 Nb6 Black needed to strengthen his e6 square against continuations such as 11. hxg6 fxg6 12. Ne6. Schwarz hat keine Wahl. Es drohte e6 oder auch hg6: fg6: und Lc4†. Black has no choice. Threats included e6 as well as hxg6 fxg6 and Bc4+. 11. Bd3! This relatively quiet move seals Black's fate. 11... f6 Auf 11. — Lf5 folgt 12. g4! On 11... Bf5 follows 12. g4! If 11... f5 then 12.g4! wins. 12. hxg6! A second sacrifice on g5. Wieder ein feines Figurenopfer, dem ein scharf berechnetes Turmopfer folgen soll! Another fine piece sacrifice, to be followed by a sharply calculated rook sacrifice! 12... fxg5 Now 13. Qh5 is not decisive because of 13...Rxf4; but a final sacrifice will force mate. Natürlich hatte Schwarz die Kombination erkannt, war aber der Meinung, sich auf 13. Dh5 mit 13. — Tf4: 14. Dh7† Kf8 ausreichend verteidigen zu können. Aber es kam anders. Naturally Black had been aware of the combination, but was of the opinion that on 13. Dh5 he could defend himself adequately with 13... Rxf4 14.Qh7+ Kf8. But something else was to follow. 13. Rh8+!! This lures the Bishop onto an unfavourable square, and after 13...Bxh8 14. Qh5 is indeed decisive. When we met on 10th January 2003 Doug generously mentioned that just before this move arrived he had been sitting at the back of a university "Science Russian" lecture in Melbourne when it hit him, and he stood up and exclaimed "s..t!". He then thought "so that's what he's been up to!", for he had not seen this move coming. Nach diesem dritten Opfer [p.195] gibt es für Schwarz keine Rettung mehr, denn 13. — Lh8: 14. Dh5 Tf4: 15. Dh7† Kf8 16.Dh8: wird Matt. After this third sacrifice [p.195] there is no further hope for Black, as 13... Bxh8 14.Qh5 Rxf4 15. Qh7+ Kf8 Qh8 is mate. And Black cannot avoid mate. 1-0


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