Recent Criticisms

"He is a personality in music. Keen of brain and impeccable in technique. Very well versed in the art of playing music the people like in a way they like it."—Moore.
"His is a marked talent."—Hale.
"His is genuine piano talent, and his playing was a brilliant exhibition of the powers of a virtuoso. He has a remarkably well developed technique which included not only facility and power, but the preservation of a beautiful quality of tone in all conditions."—New York Sun.
"His equipment includes a fine musical taste and a feeling for the less obvious significance of the music he undertakes."—New York Times.
"An admirably developed technique and genuine musical talent enabled Boguslawski to win the favor of a critical audience at his first piano recital here yesterday afternoon."—New York American.
"Played with a conviction and an enthusiasm that were contagious."—Boston Post.
"Mr. Boguslawski played Brahms' 'Variations on a Theme by Paganini,' with beautiful clarity and brilliance, giving a variety in the interpretation of that number that was fairly bewildering."—Chicago Daily News.

Mr. Boguslawski writes of the
Baldwin Piano Company
Cincinnati, Ohio.

I wish it were possible to make this letter a musical expression of my great admiration for the Baldwin piano—but since I must use words I hope the people of America can appreciate as I do—the perfect singing tone and matchless action of the Baldwin. All possible gradations of tone color are at a second's command upon the Baldwin—a musician could not ask for more. If those who hear this beautiful piano get as much joy as I do, playing upon it, they may glory in a perfection o piano building unsurpassed.

Very sincerely yours,
Boguslawski signature
Chicago, October 24, 1925.

The Baldwin Piano Co.