Analytical Musicology & the Piano:
Papers of Nigel Nettheim and Others
This site is concerned with music (mainly classical, mainly piano) and musicology (mainly analytical).
A few other areas are touched upon too.
Quick definitions: Musicology is the academic study of music. Its three main branches (somewhat overlapping) are: historical musicology, ethnomusicology and analytical musicology. The latter is concerned with relations among the notes of musical scores and, where possible, the significance of those relations.

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Here is a list of my publications. Some (as indicated) may be read on-line; more are being processed for this purpose.

Here is some material by and about the famous pianist Vladimir de Pachmann (1848-1933).

Here is some material by and about the famous pianist Vladimir Horowitz (1904-1989).

Here is some material about the interesting pianist Maryla Jonas (1911-1959).

Here is some material by and about the minor but sensitive pianist Moissaye Boguslawski (1887?-1944).

Here is some material about the Canadian soprano and her vocal coach Lois Marshall and Weldon Kilburn (1924-1997 and 1906-1986).

Here are a few photos.

Here are a few personal items.

Here is a chess game.

Here is some Nettheim family history.

Here are a few recommended links.

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This web site was transferred from an earlier one that began on 11 March 2000 and ended on 30 September 2009: . In many cases the files have been renamed (the original names were influenced by the DOS operating system that was current when the earlier site was started and that limited filenames to 8 characters with an extension of 3 characters). In some cases the system of folders has been changed too. Completed 16 August 2009.

Further steps intended are:

1. Provide image scans of many items presently provided only in transcribed (editable/searchable) text, to allow readers to check the accuracy of the transcription and to see the original layout.
2. Add new documentary material, including a large amount about Pachmann.
3. Provide a number of new musicological resources which will be announced later.

The old site had had many visits as of 4 July 2009, including: home page, 10012; Pachmann index, 10482; Pallottelli article on Pachmann, 822; Review of Mitchell book, 692; Preliminary review of Mitchell book, 558; Pachmann sound file, 443. There had been a still earlier site at, starting 8 December 1999.

Nigel Nettheim, 15 January 2015