[1] Three examples from the Chopin Nocturne op.72/1 are available in my "Musical Microscope" article, as well as comparisons with three other pianists.
[2] Henselt/Pachmann, La Gondola
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This is a Welte reproducing roll, recorded in November 1925 or in 1926. Three known transfers are: (a) tape: Gustafson Piano Library, (b) LP: MJA, and (c) LP: Welte 667. Transfers (a) and (b) are derived from a taped copy made in May 1959 by Edward Blickstein on Pachmann's own Baldwin Welte reproducing piano (the roll's paper and mechanism are audible at times), while (c) is a different reproduction of the roll. The timings from the start of the first note to the start of the (faint) last note are: (a) 2'23" (b) 2'20" (c) 2'02"; the pitch levels in tones, compared to A440, are: (a) -½ (b) 0 (c) 0. It is hard to draw firm conclusions from these different timings and pitch levels as to which is more authentic. Transfer (b) is used here.