Par 1 VLADIMIR DE PACHMANN, the great Russian pianist, was born on 27th July, 1848, at Odessa.
Par 2 He played the pianoforte when he was ten years old. He studied under his father, and at the Vienna Conservatoire.
Par 3 He made his first public appearance in Rome when he was twenty-one years of age. As a young man he practised for ten hours every day, and, even after he had passed his three score years and ten, he spent six hours a day at the piano.
Par 4 Pachmann performed at the Gewandhaus Concerts at Leipzig in 1878, and made his first appearance in England in 1882. From that time his visits to this country were frequent.
Par 5 Pachmann was described, very truly, as the "inimitable and incomparable". His extraordinary command of pianissimo was almost unequalled. His masterly interpretation of Chopin's works earned him a great reputation, but his great powers were ever apparent when executing any of the works of the masters.
Par 6 In nearly every country Pachmann gave recitals, and everywhere he was held in high esteem.
Par 7 p.208 This wonderful musician has been accused of being a great showman as well as a pianist. I cannot share that view, not in the way that the word showman is generally used. Call his fidgeting with the piano stool, his dusting the piano, his insistence on the piano being absolutely horizontal, etc., peculiarities, mannerisms, or eccentricities, but not "show". If the wish of the thousands of his admirers could have been granted, and they had taken a peep into his room when Pachmann was practising, they would have witnessed the same little performances as on the concert platform.
Par 8 When he was awarded the Royal Philharmonic Society's Gold Medal, it is alleged he bit it to see if it was good.
Par 9 He died in Rome 6th January, 1933.