LONDON Jan. 7.
A message from Rome announces the death of the celebrated pianist, Vladimir de Pachmann. He died yesterday, but the news was kept secret until his son and daughter [Pachmann had no daughter] arrived from Paris. His last concert in London was given in 1928, but shortly before his death he was planning a tour of America.
He will be buried according to the rites of the Orthodox Greek Church.
[Mr. Pachmann, who was 84 years old, was born at Odessa. He received his early training from his father, who went to Odessa from Vienna, whither Pachmann was sent to study the age of 18. He obtained the gold medal and returned to Odessa. He began regular concert tours only after a rigorous, self-imposed discipline of study and training. His first concert in London in 1882 was a brilliant success. He was an outstanding exponent of Chopin.]