p.295 Vladimir de Pachmann, the famous Chopin player, is one of the many great pianists whom we will hear in this country the coming season. He is no new-comer; for this will be his third tour since his first appearances in America, which occurred during the season of 1891-92 [actually in 1890]. He again visited America in 1893, also in 1894. Since his reappearances his popularity is greater than ever. His successes in London during that as well as the past season have been almost sensational, for both the press and the public have received him with the greatest enthusiasm. His London recitals last season were probably the most successful of any given by pianists now appearing in England, being greeted at every appearance by large audiences. Vladimir de Pachmann was born in Odessa. His first teacher was his father. When at the age of eighteen Vladimir entered the Vienna Conservatory, where he studied for two years under Professor Dachs. He obtained the gold medal and returned to Russia. Here he appeared in public with popular success, but not to his own satisfaction. He continued to study for eight years; then reappeared and again retired for two years. At last he thought himself ready, and the rest of his career is known to the musical world of two continents.