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[These excerpts appeared in My Musical Recollections by the pianist and impresario Wilhelm Kuhe (1823-1912), London, Richard Bentley and Son, 1896, pages 228-229, 278.
This web version is dated 27 September 2007.]

Excerpts on Pachmann

by Wilhelm Kuhe

p.228 The Russian pianist, Vladimir de Pachmann, created, on his first appearance in this country, p.229 considerable sensation. A great many persons, it is true, derived quite as much enjoyment from watching the extraordinary antics and quaint grimaces in which he indulges while at the keyboard, as they did from the intrinsic beauty of his playing. I have personally, indeed, known of people with no claim to being musical, who have attended concerts at which he performed simply and solely for the purpose of being amused. But let me do Pachmann the credit to which he is assuredly entitled, and add that in the interpretation of Chopin he proved himself unrivalled, and that I have heard him play certain excerpts of the master with more finesse and beauty of expression than any other pianist to whom I have ever listened.

p.278 Under Mr. Ganz's able and spirited control, these concerts [of the 'New' Philharmonic Society] gave promise of enjoying lasting prosperity, and it is to be regretted that after five years circumstances necessitated their permanent abandonment. Not only were many classical works performed under the new régime, but not a few of the greatest artists of the day took part in them, such as Rubinstein. Hans von Bülow, Saint-Saëns, Pachmann, Madame Essipoff, and Sophie Mentner.