MME. DE PACHMANN.—This charming artist was at first the pupil of the great pianist whose name she bears; then she became his wife, and is now his fellow-artist in his concerts. She was born in Australia, and was named Margaret Okey. At an early age she displayed marked musical characteristics, chiefly in respect to taste. The most intricate classical symphonies and sonatas pleased her most, and their difficult execution never deterred her from studying and mastering them. She studied the piano especially, under the most competent masters within her reach, and made such progress that a great future was confidently predicted for her. Her first appearances in concert were eminently successful, but were not altogether satisfying to herself. In 1882, her ability as a musician attracted M. De Pachmann's attention, and he consented to take her as a pupil, the only pupil he ever had. She made rapid progress under his instruction. Naturally, she acquired some of his style of playing, but still retained a decided individuality of her own. She is a charming figure at the piano. She possesses grace and beauty, and by her personality at once wins all hearts. At their joint concerts one De Pachmann happily supplements the other, while the lady not infrequently gives recitals of her own, sustaining well by her talent and skill the reputation of a great name.