The Remarkable Virtuoso Again Exhibits His Digital Dexterity.

M. Vladimir de Pachmann, the noted Russian pianist, gave his third recital at Chickering Hall yesterday afternoon. He was heard by a very large and demonstrative audience. His programme was made up of the following numbers, all by Chopin: "Allegro de Concert," barcarole, Opus 60; fantasie impromptu, Opus 66; nocturne, Opus 27; fantasie, Opus 49; scherzo, Opus 31; four preludes, ballade, Opus 38; mazourka, Opus 41, No. 3; two valses, Opus 64 and Opus 42.
The pianist's finest work was heard in the fantasie, which he played with an intelligence unusual for him and with splendid color, vigor, and variety of touch. It was a notable exhibition of his remarkable technical ability, and aroused the audience to a high pitch of enthusiasm. He was recalled several times, and finally responded with the "Butterfly" etude. This led to several more recalls, and the pianist sat down and played delightfully Henselt's "Si oiseau j'etais." At the end of the recital he was again compelled to respond to demands for more music, and this time he played Chopin's A flat ballade. On the whole this was the most satisfactory of Pachmann's three recitals. A supplementary concert is announced [for Saturday 4 November 1893 at 3:15 pm].