The works played by the accomplished pianist on Tuesday afternoon, in St. James's-hall, were nearly all of them familiar both in themselves and in her interpretation. For example, her thoughtful rendering of the "Variations Sérieuses" of Mendelssohn has already won general admiration, and she, like her husband, is a delightful player of Henselt's studies, two of the best and best-known of which, the "Danklied nach Sturm" and "Si oiseau j'étais", were played. The two studies of Chopin were quite as well known as any of the series, but the lovely work in A flat, with which the second set begins, could scarcely have been more sympathetically played. The beautiful novelette of Schumann in E major, Tausig's tasteless arrangement of "L'Invitation à la Valse" and Saint-Säens's clever "Etude en Forme de Valse" were also in the programme.