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[These announcements appeared in the newspaper Daily News, London, 1886, on the dates and pages indicated. This web version is dated 22 April 2003.]

Recital, Monday 3 May, 1886

[Daily News, Saturday 1 May page 4, Monday 3 May pages 3 & 4:]

Vladimir de Pachmann, on May 3, will introduce for the first time "Thème et Variations," composed by Madame de Pachmann-Okey.—Stalls, 10s.6d.; balcony, 3s.; admission, 1s. At usual agents.
Vladimir de Pachmann.—May 3, fourth and last recital, St. James's Hall, three o'clock. Stalls, 10s. 6.; tickets, 3s. and 1s.—Austin's Ticket-office, Chappell's, and Stanley Lucas, Weber, and Co.'s.
Vladimir de Pachmann will play Beethoven's Sonata, Op. 101; Chopin's Sonata, B flat minor [with the Funeral March]; Weber's Sonata, Op. 49.—Stalls, 10s. 6d.; balcony, 3s.; admission, 1s.
Vladimir de Pachmann will also play at his last recital a MS. by John Field, "La Dernière Pensée"; selections from Clementi, Schumann, and Mendelssohn. Tickets, 1s., 3s., and 10s. 6d.

[Daily News, Thursday 13 May page 6:]

M. de Pachmann gave his fourth and last recital of the season at St. James's Hall last week, when his rare skill as an accomplished pianist was displayed in a selection comprising Beethoven's sonata, op. 101, that by Chopin in B flat minor, and Weber's sonata in D minor, besides other pieces of smaller dimensions. The artist was warmly applauded by a numerous audience.

Concert, Wednesday 19 May, 1886

[Daily News, Wednesday 12 May page 4:]

Royal Albert Hall.—The Royal Albert Orphan Asylum, Bagshot, Surrey.—A grand concert will be given in aid of this institution on Wednesday evening, 19th May, at Eight o'clock, under the special patronage of her Majesty the Queen, and in the presence of T.R.H. the Duke and Duchess of Connaught. The following artistes have very kindly promised their assistance: Madame Christine Nilsson, Miss Robertson, and Miss Fanny Robertson; Madame Trebelli; Mr. Sims Reeves, Mr. John Robertson, Signor Novara, Mr. Henschel; pianoforte, M. Vladimir de Pachmann; violoncello, M. Jos. Hollman; organ, Mr. Thomas Pettit; Mr. Henry Leslie's Choir. Condctors, Mr. Alberto Randegger, Mr. Raphal Roche, Mr. Maunder, and Mr. Henry Leslie.
Boxes, £5 5s., £4 4s., £2 12s. 6d.; tickets, 10s. 6d., 7s.6d., 5s., 4s., 2s. 6d., and 1s. To be obtained of Chappell and Co., 50, New Bond-street; of Keith, Prowse, and Co., 48, Cheapside, E.C.; at the Royal Albert Hall; and of Charles A. Walker, secretary, 48, Newgate-st., E.C.

Concert, Monday 31 May, 1886

[Daily News, Thursday 3 June page 6:]

Madame Antoinette Sterling's morning concert at St. James's Hall on Monday [31 May] included her own fine vocal performances in several instances; among others, in the solo portion of Rubinstein's "The Mermaid," an effective piece for contralto and chorus, with pianoforte, harp, and harmonium accompaniments. Other eminent artists and the St. Cecilia choir contributed to the vocal selection, which was interspersed with performances by the Blue Hungarian band, and pianoforte and violoncello solos, rendered respectively by M. de Pachmann and Signor Piatti.

Concert, Tuesday June 22, 1886

[Daily News, Friday 18 June page 4 repeated Monday 21 June page 4 & Tuesday 22 June page 4:]

Madame Liebhart's grand morning concert, at St. James's Hall, on Tuesday, June 22, at half-past two.—Artistes: Madame Ilma de Murska (first appearance after an absence of three years, Miss Mary Davies, and Mdlle. Marie de Lido; Madame Liebhart and Mdlle. Denys; Madame Antoinette Sterling, and Miss Lucy Miller; Mr. Edward Scoval (by kind permission of Carl Ross, Esq.), Mr. Maybrick, M. Eugene Ondin, Mr. Ricci, and Mr. Isidore de Lara. Pianoforte, M. Vladimir de Pachmann, Violoncello, M. Hollman. Conductors, Signor Romih, Mr. Raphael Rocha, and Mr. Gustav Ernest. The Blue Hungarian Band (director, Herr Barcza).
Stalls, one guinea and half a guinea; balcony, 3s.; admission, 1s. Stanley Lucas, Weber, and Co.; Chappell and Co.; at Austin's, St. James's Hall; and of Madame Liebhart, 67, Warwick-road Maida-vale, W.

Concert, Wednesday 23 June, 1886

[Daily News, Tuesday 22 June page 4:]

Royal Albert Hall.—Madame Adelina Patti.—Mr. Ambrose Austin has the honour to announce that his second grand morning concert will take place tomorrow, at three. Artistes: Madame Adelina Patti, Miss Emily Winant (her first appearance in England), and Madame Trebelli; Mr. Sims Reeves and [the bass] Signor [Allan James] Foli [1835-1899]. Pianoforte, M. Vladimir de Pachmann. Harmonium, M. L. Engel. Full orchestra (conductor, Mr. W. G. [William George] Cusins) [1833-1893]. Accompanist, Signor Bisaccia.
Tickets 15s., 10s. 6d., 7s., 5s., 3s., and 2s. (boxes five guineas to two guineas), at the Royal Albert Hall; usual agents; and at Austin's office, St.James's Hall.